Moving to Timrå


In Timrå life is a little bit more pleasant. We believe closeness makes life easier and we do have plenty of closeness in Timrå! In fact in Timrå, everything a person can wish for is close and by that we do not only mean ice hockey on the highest national level.

Just a few minutes away from the centre of Timrå, going to the east, You find beaches and the ocean. Within the same short distance to the west You find hunting, fishing and the stillness of the wilderness. Within comfortable daily commuting distance You find Sundsvall and Härnösand. Together with Timrå these cities constitute Norrlands largets labour market. In addition it is close to the train and the airport and thereby the rest of the world.

In Timrå it is always close to the decision making process and between people. The somewhat slower tempo and the fantastic environment makes it a little easier to listen and care about each other.

In Timrå You find large companies like SCA and Permobil, companies with the entire world as their field of work. But here You also find a lot of entrepreneurs starting and running small businesses, making their dreams come true. And the politicians have recognized the importance of entrepreneurs by stating that by the year 2015 the conditions for running companies and being an entrepreneur in Timrå should be considered to be the best in Norrland.

I will be happy to tell You more about how we in Timrå can make Your life even more pleasant. I will be able to help You with information on living, child care, job openings, education, recreation activities etc. in Timrå. In other words - things that might become Your future!

Anne Niska

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